Influence of Twelve Week Pawanmuktasana Series Training on Back and Leg Flexibility of Sedentary Women

Authors : Nibu R Krishna*

Lakshmibai national Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India*

*Correspondence Author.

Nibu R Krishna

Associate Professor

Lakshmibai National Institute of physical Education, Gwalior, India

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Article Received: 16.07.2021

Article Accepted: 26.08.2021

Article E-Published: 24.09.2021


The study was to investigate the influence of modified series of Pawanmuktasana in improving back and leg flexibility of sedentary women. For the study, 20 sedentary women ranging between 45 to 55 years of age, and residents of Gwalior, M.P (India) were selected randomly. These 20 participants were then divided equally into two groups i.e., experimental group and control group. Experimental group underwent the training programme for twelve weeks (five days/week) regularly whereas the control group did not face administration of any kind of training programmes. Pre-test were conducted for both the groups prior to the administration of training protocol. Also, post-test was conducted for both the groups after twelve weeks. The study results indicated no significant difference in the control group in terms of leg and back flexibility. But significant difference in the leg and back flexibility of sedentary women in the experimental group was observed. The study results indicate that daily practice of modified series of Pawanmuktasana is beneficial for sedentary women. 

Key Words:pawanmuktasana series, flexibility