Energy Expenditure Pattern of Adolescent Athletes: A Narrative Overview

Authors : Keren Susan Cherian*

MYAS-NIN Department of Sports Science, ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad


*Correspondence Author

Keren Susan Cherian

Scientist- B (Nutrition), MYAS-NIN Department of Sports Science, ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

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Article Received: 13.05.2021

Article Accepted: 25.08.2021

Article E-Published: 24.09.2021


Adolescent athletes are at a crucial time of growth and development, and require additional energy for growth demands, over and above training energy expenditure. This study aims to understand the energy expenditure pattern of adolescent athletes, particularly in athletics, football and weightlifting events. This narrative review adopted a scoping design and search keywords related to energy or energy expenditure, athletes (adolescent, junior, young) specific to sporting category (athletics, runner, middle distance runner, soccer, football, weightlifting) were used in PubMed and Google Scholar using appropriate Boolean operators. A total of 1385 articles were screened for title, followed by abstract for content related to energy expenditure and/or energy intake of adolescent aged 10-17 years. Post screening, 8 articles related to track athletes, 24 articles related to football/soccer and 4 articles related to weightlifting were selected and data extraction of key physical variables and energy were carried out. The mean energy expenditure ranged from 29 to 57 kcal/kg body mass among track athletes and 42 to 61 kcal/kg body mass among football players, with lower end of the range expended by girls and higher end by boys, irrespective of the training season. There was limited research carried out on energy expenditure pattern of weightlifters being an anaerobic sport. Among Indian weightlifters, the energy expenditure was reported to be higher due to competition season, with 51 to 60 kcal/kg body mass among boys and 45 to 58 kcal/kg body mass. The calorie expenditure pattern collated will be useful in setting fuel requirements and planning a diet specific to a sport

Key Words:total energy expenditure, energy, young athletes, football, weightlifting