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Title:Journal of Human Sciences
Publisher:Dr.B. Bindu
Department of Anthropology
Kannur University
Chief Editor:Dr.B. Bindu
Copy right:Department of Anthropology
Start year:2021
Subjects covered :Anthropology/ Tribal studies/ Sociology/ History/Economics
Language :English
Publication format :Online
Email Id
Contact Number :9656930637
Address :Department of Anthropology, Kannur University, Dr. Janaki Ammal Campus,Palayad, 670661

Journal of Human Sciences (JHS) is a multidisciplinary online journal of Kannur University devoted to the Study of humans. JHS engages established and emerging scholars in extended fields of Anthropology, Sociology, Folklore, Gender studies, Economics, History, Geography, Environmental and Behavioral Sciences. Contributions are welcome in any suitable form, including critical essays, reviews of significant topics, Case studies, theoretical and empirical articles, and statistical analysis. Its objective is to serve as a platform for intellectual academic exchange on a wide range of economic, social, cultural, historical, environmental, and political issues that affect humans in multiple ways and are in turn affected by delicacies and patterns of humans’ interferences. So, we invite original writings from interdisciplinary areas in Social Sciences and this first issue is an attempt to place such a contribution before the academic readers.

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