Guide to

Guide to Authors

Manuscripts must be typed in double space and it must be accompanied by an Abstract of 300 words and 4-5 keywords. Tables, Diagrams and graphs should be placed in the appropriate spaces in the text and should be numbered with captions.

  • Research paper/Article should not exceed 10 pages of printed text, including tables, figures, and references.
  • The title of the paper/review should be concise.
  • The names of the author (Please provide the full name of all authors), Designation, Department, Organization address, telephone, fax numbers and an e-mail address of all the corresponding and co-authors should be written below the title.
  • Abstract should be written in a structured format (between 150-250 words) presenting the essence of the article content concisely, clearly, and logically. Text should not be Italics.
  • Keywords: A maximum of 5 keywords separated by a semicolon.
  • Text - Page Size: A4
  • Font: Times New Roman; - Font size: 12
  • Spacing: single-spaced throughout (all parts including title, address, captions, tables, and references)
  • Margin: wide margin (2.5 cm on all four sides).
  • Use line numbers (starting from 1 on each page) for review purpose
  • Primary headings: all should be in upper case and bold.
  • Sub-heading: can be used when necessary and written in lower case and bold.


  • APA citation style should be used.
  • The in-text citation consists of author surname(s)/family name(s), in the order that they appear on the actual publication, followed by the year of publication of the source that you are citing.
  • For citations in brackets with one author: (Allan, 1988).
  • For citations in brackets with more than two authors: (Thomas et al., 2018)

All the in-text citations should be listed at the end of the paper and placed in alphabetical order. Contributors are requested to send their papers for publication and other correspondences to