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The International Journal of Sports Science and Performance (IJSSP) is currently inviting papers for the December 2021 issue.

The main theme of the journal issue is focused on

Covid-19 and Further - Future Trends in Sporting World and Sporting Experience


Redesigning the Sporting World: Covid-19 pandemic forcing an unprecedented shut-down has impacted sports and physical activity with imposed restrictions on closure of gyms, indoor stadiums, recreation centres, parks, swimming pools and even outdoor sports. Major sports leagues and mega sports events including Olympics have been cancelled/postponed and those which could be conducted have been in front of empty stadiums. This has resulted in economic threat to the sports industry including exercise professionals. The restriction of access to sporting and fitness centres and social isolation has potential health impact for individuals. For professional athletes, the loss of professional training (quantity and quality), more leisure time of streaming on phones, lots of naps, and lack of competitions has seriously impacted the professional routine of athletes.

Despite the burdens associated with the pandemic, there might have been new possibilities also. Online physical training and sports coaching has increased that ever before. Home based physical activity including indoor and outdoor facilities, work based physical activity and active living strategies has increased. The impact of the pandemic on sporting experience has been with diversity in terms of nations, regions and possibly in different intensities. 

We welcome studies, review papers, research reports, perspectives and conceptual analysis related to the above theme, but not limited to the pandemic situation alone, but also in terms of future trends in sports, new possibilities of training and coaching, perspectives of sports science and its application, good parties of sports organisations, associations, governments, media, new policy reforms and inter-disciplinary studies paving the future sporting experience.


Based on the above theme, we are currently inviting papers based on the following sub themes:

  • Physical activity, physical fitness, and lifestyle routine during Covid pandemic
  • Closure of schools and its impact on children’s sports and fitness levels.
  • Consequences of lock down – Sports management and governance.
  • Online training and coaching during Covid-19
  • Technological trends in training and coaching – Evidence and Impact.
  • Perspectives towards sports, sports training, and competition during the pandemic
  • Impact of pandemic for the sports industry
  • Home based physical activity and fitness trends
  • Impact of pandemic on elite and competitive athletes
  • Organisation of sporting events during the pandemic and their consequences
  • Social, economic, and commercial impact of Covid-19 pandemic on sports related activities
  • Governance and Policy reforms in education and sports because of Covid-19 impact
  • Community level changes in sports and fitness – Covid and further
  • Social media impact and new sporting experience.
  • New and future trends in sports sciences and its application

All papers and articles to be received considering the scope of the journal and to be submitted with reference to the author guidelines and manuscript submission format. Relevant papers/articles after peer review will be included in the forthcoming issue or for later issues based on the peer review reports.



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