International Journal of Literary Studies and Interdisciplinary Research


Chief Editor:Dr. Sreebitha P V
Frequency :Bi-Annual
ISSN :2583-1836
Year of Publication:2022
Publisher:Dr. Sreebitha P V, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Studies in English, Kannur University
Readership :Intended for academic scholars
Current Issue :Volume 1 Issue 2/2022


Dialogist is an international peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal in English initiated by the Department of Studies in English. The journal is intended to promote interdisciplinary research in the areas of language, literature, film, history, culture, critical theory and philosophy. It is published bi-annually and will bring out original, innovative and engaging research papers in the above-mentioned areas. The journal aims at reaching out to academics and research scholars in India and abroad, and would broaden its base by inviting scholarly articles from different parts of the world. All the articles submitted for publication have to undergo a rigorous process of blind peer-reviewing to ensure quality and appeal to a wider audience.


  • To promote research culture among students and faculty.
  • To build up acumen and skills for research writing among students and faculty.
  • To incubate ideas leading to path-breaking innovations in literary/theoretical discourses.
  • To supplement the main outcome-based programmes in the realization of their main objectives.
  • To realise a symbiosis of lateral thinking and original writing sensibility.
  • To have a confluence of interdisciplinary thoughts/ideas from a spectrum of renowned scholars leading to cutting edge innovative research.

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